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My favourite native pepper stuffing

I have a vastly unreasonable love of stuffing. OK, not all stuffing. But yummy, creative stuffings. I don't even eat a lot of bread normally, but whizz it up and make a stuffing - ooh, tasty! My daughter has also cottoned on to the delicious tastiness of this stuffing recipe and will request spoonfuls as her reward for eating her vegetables ;)

Roast chicken features in our home at least once every couple of weeks, and this is my favourite stuffing recipe. That I made up. Because I love the things that are in it, so it was bound to be good. And it totally is!

It's hard to photograph stuffing and make it look appealing though. Just a little disclaimer there.

Make this while your oven is pre-heating for the roast.


1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup pistachios (natural, not salted),
2 rashers bacon, diced
1 brown onion, quartered and sliced thinly
1 cup breadcrumbs (I just throw whatever I have in the food processor - this one used pita bread)
1 tsp Outback Pride Desert Flakes
1/2 tsp Outback Pride Native Pepper Seasoning
1/4 cup water, or enough to combine


1. Heat the oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add the bacon and onion and cook until onion is clear and bacon slightly crispy.

2. Turn off the heat and throw into the saucepan your breadcrumbs, pistachios, Native Pepper and Desert Flakes. Stir well, and then add enough water to combine it well, so that it sticks together when pressed with a spoon.

3. After patting the chicken cavity dry with a paper towel, squish the stuffing in. If there is too much or inside the chook isn't your stuffing style, you can also wrap it in aluminium foil and cook to one side of your roast. When your roast is done, spoon out the yummy stuffing and enjoy!

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