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My name is Danielle Quarmby, I'm a mum of three and a photographer at Curiouser. I was introduced to Australian native food through my father-in-law Mike Quarmby, and his wife Gayle, founders of Outback Pride Fresh. I also blog occasionally at danielleq.com about creative things, family, autism and everyday life.

I am not a chef, cook, or anything like that, nor do I have the time or energy for fancy preparation or planning! However, I do enjoy cooking, and would love to inspire other everyday cooks to use the fantastic range of native Australian foods that are now available.

My purpose with this recipe blog is to share how I add native herbs, spices and other food to my everyday cooking. I am not a chef, and nor do I have easy or regular access to the more exotic native ingredients, such as wallaby, crocodile, certain fresh produce.

My intention is to help other everyday home cooks, mums and busy people to introduce native ingredients to their daily meals. This means mainly including ingredients that are fairly easily available. It also means not using too many native products per recipe - if I can help it! As a stay-at-home mum on a budget, I know perfectly well that I will simply skip a recipe that requires buying a dozen new ingredients, and that is not the intention of this blog at all.

The truth is, the simplest way of introducing native cuisine to home cooks - like myself - is to add one or two new ingredients to an existing recipe, or to replace a standard herb with a native alternative. By making the use of native food as simple (and, perhaps, even uncreative) as this, I hope to counteract the perception that native cuisine is only the domain of the professional chef.

Not only does native Australian bush food taste amazing, it is also something that can become part of every Australian kitchen's pantry. Let's embrace it!