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Breakfast muffin with herbed egg, bacon and Kutjera Relish

This one is bit of a special take on the breakfast muffin, with native flavour and juicy flavours! The delicious smells as you prepare it are enough to make your mouth water, I just love it.

Wholemeal muffin aside, this recipe is on the indulgent side - you could also add some baby spinach leaves to your dish, if you like to add some greens to soak up the tasty egg yolk. Or perhaps just make sure some veg makes it to your lunch and dinner ;) LOL

Serves 1


1 wholemeal English muffin
1 free range egg
2 rashers free range bacon
1/2 teaspoon dried saltbush flakes, or sea parsley (either work well, depending on your taste preference!)
2 teaspoons Kutjera Relish
3 thin slices colby cheese (or your preferred cheese), enough for 1 layer across the muffin


Heat up a non stick frying pan over high heat. Cut the muffin in half. Slice the cheese.

Place the bacon rashers in the pan and cook for a couple of minutes until crispy and cooked on one side. Rotate the frying pan to spread the fat around the surface.

Put the muffin in the toaster to cook.

Flip the bacon to the other side, and reduce the heat to low. Crack the egg into the frying pan. Slowly cook sunny side up, sprinkling with the dried native herb of your choice as it cooks.

Remove muffin halves from toaster and spread one side with the kutjera relish. On the other side, place the cheese slices.

Using an egg flip or spatula, carefully lift the fried egg from the and place it on the muffin with the cheese. Add the bacon rashers and then turn over the other half of the muffin and sandwich the lot together. Enjoy!

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